Refinishing a Pine Wood Door

Yeeeep….It is my first official post. So when I bought my home last year, the house came with brown colored doors and yes they looked horrible. I had initially promised my wife that we would change all the doors. So I started to do some calculation in my head… 10 solid core pine doors to be replaced at $170 not including paint and labor, this could go into the thousands, I also looked at the hollow core basic doors $40/piece, that was still $400 not including paint, labor cost for a painter and door handles et all. ┬áThen a bell rang in my head, why not sand down the doors and get them painted yourself for the cost of paint, a brush and some personal man hours.

At end of the day, some of the doors really did not need to be sanded because the door surface was clean with little to no bumps, so doors were primed and painted over the course of a couple of months.

All in I used about 4 maybe 5 gallons of paint at $27, pack of foam paint roller $10. Savings here definitely worth it


Tips of painting the door –

  • Ensure clean and smooth surface (If not sand down door or strip out previous paint)
  • Best to always use semi-gloss finish on door (preserves the wood surface better and give a better looking finish)
  • Always paint with the grain for a cleaner finish
  • Taking a break between painting (Wrap your brush and roller in a plastic nylon bag to stop the brush from drying out)

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Items used –

  • Behr ultra white paint/Valspar ultra white (semi gloss)
  • Turdy paint brush
  • Foam paint roller/handle and pan
  • Wet white rag – (To clean any paint excess or drips)
  • Carboard box – (This was laid under the door to catch any drips and stop the paint from staining the floors)

Happy reading and knowledge sharing

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