Patio Bench from reclaimed wood

So, I recently took down a deck on the other side of my yard that was attached to a pool. Pool was damaged a year ago from major snowstorm we had in the New England area. It was a indeed a crazy winter in 2014/2015, over 25 days of constant snow…… haaaa.. anyway that is now behind us… awaiting the next one.

Pictures  from the snowmargedon we had for 2014/15 season…. 20150203_072826 20150215_151042 20150215_151047

The snowload was so much it damaged our above ground pool, we never got to use at all since it was our 1st time in the house….20150601_070634

Anyhow, the cost to replace it was too much (over $10k) s0, we took it down ($500) and needed to also get rid of the deck since it was unstable. Most of the deck boards were taken by someone who needed to build a deck in his new home so I was able to save on removal cost. With what was left, I decided to build a outdoor patio bench. I will talk about the the plan for the pool area in another post.

I wanted to create a sitting bench that look rustic and worn, so i chose to take one of the oldest planks from the deck boards and place it within the vertical board. So all I had to buy for the project was glue for outdoor projects ($10) and a pack of outdoor screws ($10) See the build below and let me know what you think?

Enjoy your day..


20160721_192335 20160721_203748 20160722_201522 20160722_201548

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