Skirting and ground space fix under the deck

So there is deck in my yard that tied to dinning area, it an elevated deck and has step to get into the yard. While sitting in yard one great afternoon, I looked under my deck and it looked ugly with rotting leaves, some dirt and squirrels making the space home. I looked around and all I could see was the lattice that was added to the deck when it was built a few years. There is a large spacing between the floor and lattice attachment to the deck, probably about 8 inches. So I decided I needed to clean out deck area and fill the space between the lattice and ground.

Spacing is highlighted in the picture below..

To resolve the issues, I skirt the deck lattice with pressure treated wood and concrete blocks

Materials used –

  • Solid concrete block $1.33 @ HomeDepot –
  • Concrete brick (To fill in the small spaces) $0.39
  • Outdoor wood screws $10
  • PT lumber to skirt/frame the lattice around the base of the deck $6 per board
  • Sledge hammer
  • Human muscle… lol

I dug a few inches into the soil so the concrete blocks can stay firm in soil, they are pretty heavy so they should not move. I used blocks on the dirt because of the grass so when mowing or weed waking, the blocks will be able to take the beating and not the wood.

Next steps here will be to get some PT wood to frame the lattice on all 4 sides.

to be continued in a second post.

Deck spacing


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